Doreanse was established in 1999 as a brand of luxury undergarments for men and women made with the highest quality fabrics direct from Istanbul, Turkey. Since then, the popularity of the brand has grown throughout the globe from Europe to Japan and Australia.

With a variety of styles to suit any preference, Doreanse offers modal luxury at cotton prices. From fun, colorful printed bikinis to classic boxers, find the comfort you need and the design you want for every occasion. Doreanse is available through well-known online retailers across the United States and North America, as well as many retailers throughout Europe, Asia, and Australia.

The finest fabrics

Most classic designs contain our special blend of 45% modal, 45% cotton, and 10% elastane, the perfect formula for softness, breathability, and lightweight comfort, while our lace and fancy styles feature fabrics from Spain and Italy to offer you the highest quality available.

Our classic blend features Turkish cotton which contains more threads per square inch than cotton made elsewhere, lending more durability while keeping the fabric lightweight and breathable. Our modal, a cellulose fiber made from beech trees, is not only softer than mercerized cotton, but also resistant to shrinkage and fading. Elastane, or Lycra-Spandex, provides the necessary elasticity so every garment perfectly conforms to your body shape. This fabric blend also offers easy care, best washed in cold water with only half of the recommended amount of detergent and no fabric softener needed.

Why choose DOREANSE

  • Fine, sexy underwear for men and women
  • The luxury of modal at cotton prices
  • Made in Turkey with premium fabrics
  • Well-established brand in Europe and Asia
  • Fast-growing sales in USA and Canada
  • First-class USA-based customer service and distribution